Ayllu Audiovisual

In the beginning, the project was formulated to give audiovisual workshops on site, in the neighborhood of Mateo Salado and RFA school, for its closure a video screening in the park and the creation of a “Street Museum” were planned, however, the health measures taken by the Peruvian government, such as mandatory social distancing and distance learning for schools and any educational institution in the whole country forced us to gear the project to the new context needs. We had to develop Information and Communication Technologies workshops for teachers, in order to help them cope with the poor technological development in our country, which sets up a barrier, making it impossible for students to gain access to education, in the case of teenagers and children we developed audiovisual workshops, all of our workshops were undertaken through Zoom platform and phone calls assessment to each participant.

Here we include our thoughts and recollections as COMUNESPACIO social educators, in order to help nurture the debate surrounding the distance learning education challenges in such an unequal country as Peru, where it does not exist the required infrastructure nor the appropriate previous knowledge to learn and teach in socially distance classrooms, in addition we share our own perceptions and accompanying experiences with the teeanagers as well as the creative process behind their work.

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